Prepare To Survive an Emergency in 5 Minutes.

Store your medical history with us for first responders, so they can treat you quickly and safely to save your life. Then tell us who to call for you. Done. Ready. Smart.

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Life Requires A Medical Emergency Plan.

A medical emergency plan helps emergency responders help you, like no other benefit can. It tells them everything they need to know about you medically. It helps them to do no harm. It helps them save your life.

More often than not, medical emergency victims are unconscious or incoherent when they arrive at a emergency department. They can’t tell doctors about their medical history, their present medical conditions, their medications, their allergies, or anything else that could matter. So, they must start in the dark and you can’t help them if you can’t communicate.

That is why the Journal of Patient Safety reports that almost 500,000 people die in hospitals each year due to misdiagnoses or medical error; a direct result of lack of information regarding medical history and medical conditions.

Our medical emergency plan can prevent this from happening to you. Now, you can prepare a medical emergency. You can give yourself the best possible chance to survive and have tremendous peace of mind every day. You can start your plan in just 5 minutes.

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Numbers Don’t Lie. They Warn Us.

How does it work?

A medical emergency plan helps you prepare for the physical and emotional impact of emergencies to survive them.

How much does it costs?

The low cost and high value of our plan make it an affordable and wise decision for you and your family. It can save your life for pennies a day.

Why Medical Emergency Plans?

Medical Emergency Plans offers you more security with greater peace of mind for the rest of your life. We are dedicated to protecting members of all ages in the U.S. and Canada 24/7.